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Wal-Mart: Dealing with the World’s Largest Retailer

Wal-Mart Transportation Arrives for Customer Pick-Up

Wal-Mart Arrives at Our Facility

A valuable benefit of utilizing a Third Party Logistics provider is the ability to meet the demands of retail customers.

While many people relate their difficulties in dealing with companies such as Wal-Mart, we take great pride in the opportunity to service their needs. After all, it has been said before that Wal-Mart is a Logistics Company which just happens to sell products. Their efficiency and execution set the standard for supply chain excellence. 

The role of a 3PL company is to uphold the standards as established by large retail customers. Furthermore, there should be a willingness among 3PL companies to promote those same standards to all customers.

In the end, greater efficiency and higher productivity lead to lower prices for goods as well as services.


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