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Ocean Freight Services

Are you looking for a new freight forwarder to handle your ocean import containers? Would you benefit from a comprehensive solution that includes ocean freight services and warehousing from a single provider? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes”, then Koch Logistics is here to help.

Our import division, Koch Maritime, is staffed with experienced and dedicated team members. We handle thousands of TEUs on an annual basis coming into the United States from origins all across the world including imports from China and India.

Let us show you how integrating our warehousing services with your ocean imports can save time, save money, and improve the operational efficiency of your supply chain. Key warehouse locations in Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois provide full-service warehousing capabilities. Devanning, storage, and order fulfillment to all major retailers are a few of the core service offerings available in our nationwide network of warehouse facilities.

Koch Maritime stands ready to help with ocean freight services. Contact us today to discuss your warehousing and ocean import needs.

Toll Free (888) 305-EDGE


Logistic Edge acquired by Koch Logistics

Southern California based third party logistics (3PL) company Logistic Edge has been acquired by Koch Logistics out of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Logistic Edge is now part of their warehousing division named JBS Logistics based in Chicago, Illinois. With the acquisition, JBS Logistics adds a facility in the strategic West Coast market.

The warehouse located in Corona, CA joins the network of existing warehouses in Naperville, Aurora, and Bollingbrook IL. Additional facilities in Minneapolis, MN and Murfreesboro, TN controlled by Koch Logistics provide a combined total over 3 million square feet of capacity across the nation.

Koch Logistics is known for providing a single source solution for all types of supply chain needs. Our in-house Maritime division can book ocean import containers to arrive at any JBS Logistics warehouse location across the country. Each of our warehouses provide full service support including retail fulfillment, cross docking, and managed transportation services. Whether it’s asset based dedicated fleets or LTL brokerage, our transportation capabilities are extremely robust.

If you have a complex supply chain problem that requires a solution, we’re here to help. Please reach out today, and we’d welcome an opportunity to discuss your needs in detail.

Toll Free (888) 305-EDGE


Third Party Logistics Solutions for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel shipping and warehousing boosts profits for global manufacturers and suppliers

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies open ALL buying channels

Whether you are a ‘brick and mortar’ business or an online one¸omnichannel is a marketing term you’ve probably been hearing more and more about lately.

The word multichannel is formed from the Latin word “Multus” and means multiple channels – while omnichannel is formed from the Latin word “Omnis” and means all channels.

Currently, one-quarter of retailers have transitioned to store-based fulfillment for their online orders. During the next three years, however, this figure is expected to decline in order to balance shipping costs. And that is where omnichannel logistics comes in.

Today’s successful 3PL providers leverage cloud-based shipping and warehousing technology to offer omnichannel support to manufacturers and suppliers. Which is very good news for companies looking for custom-designed answers to specific  geographical shipping, logistics and distribution problems. And it is especially good news to those importing merchandise to Southern California.


A local 3PL provider can be key to overseas success in the Golden State

From 1950 to the present, U.S. imports have averaged 58,791 USD Million. It is important to note that nearly 50% of all U.S. imports are transported through ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.

When it comes to Southern California, one of the emerging leaders in this new breed of regional omnichannel-enhanced 3PL providers is Logistic Edge. Our convenient West Coast locations offer immediate accessibility to some of North America’s largest ports and airports.

Your products will be delivered to our warehousing facilities and be ready for distribution in the shortest possible timeframe. Our comprehensive capabilities include: Warehousing, assembly, pick and pack, order fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shipping, and transportation management.


Omnichannel support enhances services of 3PL companies

Logistic Edge, based in Los Angeles, CA, supports their customer’s omnichannel requirements by promptly pulling orders from one of their west coast warehouses. The  orders will then be shipped directly to a distribution center, to a store, or even to an individual customer’s door anywhere in the United States.

Logistic Edge utilizes an advanced web-based Warehouse Management System which offers real time access to vital data. The use of a hosted EDI provider, like SPS Commerce, means that your company gets an uninterrupted flow of data through seamless integration with your internal data system.


Omnichannel can help save money while meeting customer expectations

Omnichannel support does more than give your customers a simple yet seamless buying experience… across all of the buying channels… that meets or even surpasses their expectations. It also helps optimize inventory at each location to meet future customer demand. Inventory optimization also reduces inventory levels, thus enabling you to benefit from a discounted cash flow.

Additionally, by outsourcing your company’s warehousing, shipping and/or fulfillment services to a company like Logistic Edge, you can reduce or possibly eliminate the need to lease a building and hire support personnel.

Ultimately, by taking the hassle out of storage and shipping, logistics providers  enable you to concentrate on what’s really important: Growing your business.


Our management team has over five decades of logistics industry experience

We’ve already put our more than half-a-century of full-service warehousing expertise to work for our customers who rely on the world’s largest retailers, like Amazon and Wal-Mart, to bring their products to market.

Discover the overall value our technological capabilities and 3PL experience can bring to your company, just like we bring to those who service these retail giants when it comes to warehousing and shipping in California.

For the full details on how Logistic Edge can help you grow your business – no matter what the sales channel – just give us a call at (888) 305-EDGE.

To submit your information and receive a detailed quotation CLICK HERE  or simply email

Now is the time for Third Party Logistics


Third Party Logistics providers play an important role in Retail Supply Chain Fulfillment



As retail suppliers gear up for the holiday season, many are still wondering if their current third party logistics provider is up to the task. The demands from retailers continue to increase. Brick and mortar DC shipments are being replaced or supplemented by drop shipments straight to the consumer. Omnichannel strategies are also in play. We’re seeing more and more “ship-to-store” routing.






These new requirements create more complexities when compared to traditional fulfillment models. Branded packing slips, retailer specific labeling, pick and pack, re-pack. 3PL providers will be asked to provide a high level of value added services as the retail supply chain continues to evolve.


It’s not too late for a new 3PL provider. By leveraging our cloud based WMS technology, the process of onboarding a new customer is straightforward and efficient. Utilizing a hosted EDI provider like SPS Commerce will also create a seamless transition that leaves the order flow uninterrupted and keeps vendor compliance in check.


Contact Logistic Edge today for more information on our full service warehousing capabilities.

(888) 305-EDGE

Retail Fulfillment

Logistic Edge Warehouse Facility in Pico Rivera, California

Omnichannel Fulfillment

Logistic Edge Warehouse Facility in Fullerton, California















Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers role in the Omnichannel World

I was recently invited to attend the Omnichannel conference hosted by SPS Commerce at their headquarters in Minneapolis. Attendees at the event included retailers, suppliers, software vendors, and 3PL providers. Over the course of 2 full days, everyone in attendance received a lot of useful information on the latest developments in the retail supply chain.

The major takeaway from the event was that execution in today’s complex retail world will define the winners from the losers. In order to execute, your logistics infrastructure must be flexible, scalable, and up to date. Manual order entry and other labor intensive tasks must be replaced by integrated solutions. Everything must be done in the most efficient manner possible in order to satisfy the ever greater demands of consumers.

Current customers of Logistic Edge are already benefitting from our focus on delivering these key services. Our company is one of SPS Commerce’s most established logistics partners. This strong relationship allows us to keep up with the technical requirements of delivering product in the omnichannel world. From brick and mortar DC shipments to “ship to store” e-commerce orders, we can support our customers with the systems required.

If your current warehousing and distribution capabilities are falling short of your customers’ expectations, I would highly suggest that you consult with a Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider who is active in your industry. Experience with your specific retail customers will allow them to step in and deliver immediate results.


Conquering Retail Logistics

Logistic Edge has serviced a wide variety of industries over the years. Pottery, Toys, Furniture, and lots more.  Our main focus continues to be companies with major retail customers. You can manufacture just about anything as long as it ends up on a shelf somewhere.

From Wal-Mart to Walgreens, we have shipped product to just about every national retailer. The important thing to consider when evaluating a warehousing company is the experience they have with your product type and retailer base.

Vendor Compliance

  • UCC-128 Labels– The creation and accurate placement of these labels is an important step to ensure that your product is received at the right place and at the right time.
  • VICS Bill of Lading– The bill of lading is an important document for both the carrier and the retailer. Along with the packing list, these two documents contain all of the important
    Purchase Order information.
  • Routing Instructions– Most major retailers utilize an in-house Transportation Management System (TMS) or integrate with an outside provider’s TMS. Following the instructions generated by these systems is crucial if you want to avoid chargebacks and fines. Shipping with the incorrect carrier or shipping on an incorrect date can create problems.

It will pay huge dividends if you have a comprehensive understanding of the systems used by your provider to control to the retail fulfilment process. All succesful warehouse-customer relationships function as a partnership where information is shared back and forth. Familiarity with a a given retailer’s procedures will enable a customer to benefit from your knowledge. Especially if they happen to be shipping to a major chain for the first time.

If you are unsure about a particular requirement, do not hesitate to ask the retailer. The routing and transporation departments for most retailers are incredibly helpful (and busy). If you can’t connect with someone right away, be patient. They will respond. In the end, properly labeled, routed, and shipped product makes everyones’ lives a lot easier.


Thinking Inside the Box

Operating a distribution center requires a lot of planning and team work. At the top of the priority list, is how to maximize the total cube of your building.

Over the years, we have invested in various types of equipment that will enable the use of narrower aisles. Our most recent purchase is a Bendi from the Landoll Corporation. This dynamic piece of equipment is a great way to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. It performs the essential functions of a reach truck or turret truck, while giving you the ability to load and unload over-the-road trailers. The collapsed mast height of 95″ is sufficient for loading or unloading trailers. Having this dual role capability allows for maximum efficiency. The operator does not need to switch from one machine to the other.

The Bendi also has a great feature that we’ve never seen on any other equipment: a hydraulic fork positioner. In addition to the side shift function which is common on most material handling equipment, you can automatically adjust the width of the forks from the seat. As a top 3PL provider in California, the products we handle on a day-to-day basis are ever changing. Changing products can frequently mean changing pallet dimensions. This feature now saves the operator even more time. From unloading a truck, to moving different size pallets around the warehouse, to putting pallets away in a narrow aisle configuration. Everything can be done with a single piece of equipment that allows the operator to remain in the seat.

The storing and stacking of product in the warehouse is an important part of the overall customer experience. Improperly stored or stacked items can lead to damage and loss of merchandise. Working with the distribution center team, you can create an efficient system that will maximize the cubic utilization of your space.

Southern California Ports and the Future

As the economy continues its gradual recovery, third party logistics companies should benefit from the increased level of economic activity. On the west coast, there has been lots of discussion about the future volume of goods flowing through Southern California ports. The expansion of the Panama Canal, although delayed at this point, figures to have some influence on goods moving to the United States.

After attending a recent Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference on this subject, I came away feeling very positive about the prospects for our major ports (Los Angeles and Long Beach).  Speakers included a representative from the ocean carrier Maersk, a representative from the Port of Charleston (South Carolina), and a representative from the Port of Long Beach. In addition to the massive amount of capital being invested into improvements at the local ports, there is something else in play.  Geography. You cannot change the fact that Southern California is located in the most advantageous position for importing goods from the Far East.  Virtually every alternative discussed during the conference, from the Panama Canal to the Suez Canal, had negative repercussions for the shipper.  Consider the geopolitical risk of the Suez or the fact that most of the larger ships being constructed will not fit through the Panama Canal, you quickly realize that our Southern California warehouse has a promising future in the logistics industry.

There will certainly be a lot more written on this topic.  From my perspective, it is major news when a company like Maersk announces that they will be bypassing the Panama Canal altogether. Who would have thought that was even a remote possibility with all of the money being spent to upgrade that route. The money is already spent for the most part, and now some of the biggest players are writing it off! Amazing. And the decision to switch the route to the Suez, will result in less cost for Maersk but longer sailings for the shipper. A win-win. I don’t think so. The best part is the way for Maersk to make the Panama Canal route viable in the future is with larger ships. The highest capacity TEU ships bring Maersk’s cost per container down. Which is why the trend is toward bigger and bigger ships for all carriers.  However, those ships will not fit through the Panama Canal even after it is widened.

All of this is not lost on folks who run the ports here locally. Big money is being spent to stay ahead of the curve and maintain that competitive advantage.

Careers in Third Party Logistics Industry

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the third party logistics field, there are several good programs offered through the  universities and junior colleges in Southern California. Our proximity to the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach generates a tremendous amount of employment in the third party logistics industry. The local educational institutions have recognized third party logistics as a growth industry in this area.

For more information on the career opportunities available with our company, please visit our Career Opportunities page. Koch Companies is the parent company to Koch Logistics, Koch Maritime and JBS Logistics (Logistic Edge).


Retail Logistics and 3pl Services

If you are using a 3pl or plan on using a 3pl to service your retail customers, there are several important things to consider:

WMS and EDI capabilities- Can your 3pl provide a fully integrated solution that will allow Purchase Orders and ASN’s to be transmitted electronically. Creation of UCC-128 labels in house should also be desired.

Familiarity with your retail partners — The 3pl should have prior experience shipping to your specific retail partners and understand the vendor compliance tasks associated with each one.

Transportation and Routing- It is important for the 3pl to have experience dealing with the TMS and carrier base of each retail partner.

At Logistic Edge, we have experience working with most of the major retailers. The items above are just a few factors that will allow for a successful relationship with your 3pl provider.


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