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California Logistics Education

California Warehousing and Logistics

California Warehousing and Logistics

Logistic Edge has recently been teaming up with Santa Monica College, located in Southern California, to promote the education of future logistics professionals.  The Business Department at SMC formed an advisory committee to solicit advice from Southern California logistics companies on the needs of employers in the logistics industry.

Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the formation of new courses at the college including:

Principles of Logistics

Transportation Managment

Supply Chain Management

Operations Management

These courses, along with several others, are currently being offered.  Completion of these courses can lead to a department certificate or AA Degree in the logistics program.  In addition, credit for some of the classes can be transferred to other 4 year universities.

The logistics industry in Southern California is a vital sector in the overall economy. Future job growth in this field will rely on a qualified pool of workers.  Local universities continue to recognize this demand as well. California State University San Bernardino offers a B.A. in Transportation and Logistics through their Department of Information and Decision Sciences.

We feel strongly about the future of the logistics industry in California.  Anyone considering a way to enhance their knowledge of this dynamic and important industry is encouraged to inquire with the local colleges and universities in Southern California.

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