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UCC-128 Labeling

A Retailers Best Friend UCC-128 Label

A Retailer’s Best Friend UCC-128 Label


The UCC-128 (GS1-128) label is a critical piece of the EDI puzzle.

The labels can be applied to both pallet shipments and individual cartons. Each label has information about the origin, destination, and contents of the shipment.  Additional information typcally includes a PO number and carrier code (SCAC).

The UCC-128, along with an ASN (856), deliver the relevant details of a shipment to the retailer. By utilizing a standard label format, retailers are able to gather uniform information across their entire supplier network.

By connecting to numerous retailers through our EDI network, we are able to produce and apply these labels on our customers’ products. This service allows our customers to comply with the critical routing¬† requirments of any given retailer.

Retailer compliance is an added benefit of using a 3PL provider who has an established EDI network.


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