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3PL Investing

Customers who choose to invest in their supply chain technology can realize immediate gains.  In addition to the cost savings associated with outsourcing warehousing and distribution operations, there are larger dividends to be collected from investing in your technology.

By integrating your Accounting/ERP system with your 3PL provider‘s warehouse management system, you should expect to lower your customer service expense. After receiving an EDI 850 Purchase Order from your retailer, it can be electronically forwarded to the warehouse for fulfillment.  The warehouse can then produce the UCC-128 labels and send the ASN’s on your behalf.  This arrangement will result in increased order processing accuracy and timely ASN processing.

Rather than paying Retailer XYZ $50,000 in fines for late ASN’s (that amount is not unheard of), invest a few thousand dollars with a capable EDI provider and reliable 3PL warehouse.

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