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Now is the time for Third Party Logistics


Third Party Logistics providers play an important role in Retail Supply Chain Fulfillment



As retail suppliers gear up for the holiday season, many are still wondering if their current third party logistics provider is up to the task. The demands from retailers continue to increase. Brick and mortar DC shipments are being replaced or supplemented by drop shipments straight to the consumer. Omnichannel strategies are also in play. We’re seeing more and more “ship-to-store” routing.






These new requirements create more complexities when compared to traditional fulfillment models. Branded packing slips, retailer specific labeling, pick and pack, re-pack. 3PL providers will be asked to provide a high level of value added services as the retail supply chain continues to evolve.


It’s not too late for a new 3PL provider. By leveraging our cloud based WMS technology, the process of onboarding a new customer is straightforward and efficient. Utilizing a hosted EDI provider like SPS Commerce will also create a seamless transition that leaves the order flow uninterrupted and keeps vendor compliance in check.


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