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Third Party Logistics Solutions for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Omnichannel shipping and warehousing boosts profits for global manufacturers and suppliers

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies open ALL buying channels

Whether you are a ‘brick and mortar’ business or an online one¸omnichannel is a marketing term you’ve probably been hearing more and more about lately.

The word multichannel is formed from the Latin word “Multus” and means multiple channels – while omnichannel is formed from the Latin word “Omnis” and means all channels.

Currently, one-quarter of retailers have transitioned to store-based fulfillment for their online orders. During the next three years, however, this figure is expected to decline in order to balance shipping costs. And that is where omnichannel logistics comes in.

Today’s successful 3PL providers leverage cloud-based shipping and warehousing technology to offer omnichannel support to manufacturers and suppliers. Which is very good news for companies looking for custom-designed answers to specific  geographical shipping, logistics and distribution problems. And it is especially good news to those importing merchandise to Southern California.


A local 3PL provider can be key to overseas success in the Golden State

From 1950 to the present, U.S. imports have averaged 58,791 USD Million. It is important to note that nearly 50% of all U.S. imports are transported through ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA.

When it comes to Southern California, one of the emerging leaders in this new breed of regional omnichannel-enhanced 3PL providers is Logistic Edge. Our convenient West Coast locations offer immediate accessibility to some of North America’s largest ports and airports.

Your products will be delivered to our warehousing facilities and be ready for distribution in the shortest possible timeframe. Our comprehensive capabilities include: Warehousing, assembly, pick and pack, order fulfillment, packaging, labeling, shipping, and transportation management.


Omnichannel support enhances services of 3PL companies

Logistic Edge, based in Los Angeles, CA, supports their customer’s omnichannel requirements by promptly pulling orders from one of their west coast warehouses. The  orders will then be shipped directly to a distribution center, to a store, or even to an individual customer’s door anywhere in the United States.

Logistic Edge utilizes an advanced web-based Warehouse Management System which offers real time access to vital data. The use of a hosted EDI provider, like SPS Commerce, means that your company gets an uninterrupted flow of data through seamless integration with your internal data system.


Omnichannel can help save money while meeting customer expectations

Omnichannel support does more than give your customers a simple yet seamless buying experience… across all of the buying channels… that meets or even surpasses their expectations. It also helps optimize inventory at each location to meet future customer demand. Inventory optimization also reduces inventory levels, thus enabling you to benefit from a discounted cash flow.

Additionally, by outsourcing your company’s warehousing, shipping and/or fulfillment services to a company like Logistic Edge, you can reduce or possibly eliminate the need to lease a building and hire support personnel.

Ultimately, by taking the hassle out of storage and shipping, logistics providers  enable you to concentrate on what’s really important: Growing your business.


Our management team has over five decades of logistics industry experience

We’ve already put our more than half-a-century of full-service warehousing expertise to work for our customers who rely on the world’s largest retailers, like Amazon and Wal-Mart, to bring their products to market.

Discover the overall value our technological capabilities and 3PL experience can bring to your company, just like we bring to those who service these retail giants when it comes to warehousing and shipping in California.

For the full details on how Logistic Edge can help you grow your business – no matter what the sales channel – just give us a call at (888) 305-EDGE.

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