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Conquering Retail Logistics

Logistic Edge has serviced a wide variety of industries over the years. Pottery, Toys, Furniture, and lots more.  Our main focus continues to be companies with major retail customers. You can manufacture just about anything as long as it ends up on a shelf somewhere.

From Wal-Mart to Walgreens, we have shipped product to just about every national retailer. The important thing to consider when evaluating a warehousing company is the experience they have with your product type and retailer base.

Vendor Compliance

  • UCC-128 Labels– The creation and accurate placement of these labels is an important step to ensure that your product is received at the right place and at the right time.
  • VICS Bill of Lading– The bill of lading is an important document for both the carrier and the retailer. Along with the packing list, these two documents contain all of the important
    Purchase Order information.
  • Routing Instructions– Most major retailers utilize an in-house Transportation Management System (TMS) or integrate with an outside provider’s TMS. Following the instructions generated by these systems is crucial if you want to avoid chargebacks and fines. Shipping with the incorrect carrier or shipping on an incorrect date can create problems.

It will pay huge dividends if you have a comprehensive understanding of the systems used by your provider to control to the retail fulfilment process. All succesful warehouse-customer relationships function as a partnership where information is shared back and forth. Familiarity with a a given retailer’s procedures will enable a customer to benefit from your knowledge. Especially if they happen to be shipping to a major chain for the first time.

If you are unsure about a particular requirement, do not hesitate to ask the retailer. The routing and transporation departments for most retailers are incredibly helpful (and busy). If you can’t connect with someone right away, be patient. They will respond. In the end, properly labeled, routed, and shipped product makes everyones’ lives a lot easier.


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