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Thinking Inside the Box

Operating a distribution center requires a lot of planning and team work. At the top of the priority list, is how to maximize the total cube of your building.

Over the years, we have invested in various types of equipment that will enable the use of narrower aisles. Our most recent purchase is a Bendi from the Landoll Corporation. This dynamic piece of equipment is a great way to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse. It performs the essential functions of a reach truck or turret truck, while giving you the ability to load and unload over-the-road trailers. The collapsed mast height of 95″ is sufficient for loading or unloading trailers. Having this dual role capability allows for maximum efficiency. The operator does not need to switch from one machine to the other.

The Bendi also has a great feature that we’ve never seen on any other equipment: a hydraulic fork positioner. In addition to the side shift function which is common on most material handling equipment, you can automatically adjust the width of the forks from the seat. As a top 3PL provider in California, the products we handle on a day-to-day basis are ever changing. Changing products can frequently mean changing pallet dimensions. This feature now saves the operator even more time. From unloading a truck, to moving different size pallets around the warehouse, to putting pallets away in a narrow aisle configuration. Everything can be done with a single piece of equipment that allows the operator to remain in the seat.

The storing and stacking of product in the warehouse is an important part of the overall customer experience. Improperly stored or stacked items can lead to damage and loss of merchandise. Working with the distribution center team, you can create an efficient system that will maximize the cubic utilization of your space.

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